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I've worked with 100's of businesses and received many kind comments over the years, for which I'm very grateful.


Sven Olsen

GM of Tudor Watches

"Launching a major luxury brand is no small undertaking. Ernest Capbert just gets it in terms what is needed for any client who needs ideas. You just give him the outline brief and he will join the dots, fill in the spaces and come up with ideas that sell......in no time at all."

Tudor Watches


Al Ries

best selling author and ‘the god father of branding

"What Ernest is doing with Start-ups is different. It focuses on understanding and finding customers in a simple, and powerful way."

Ries Website


Jorrit Jorritsma

Founder of Millican

"The Millican team worked with Ernie at a time where energy, inspiration and big thinking was needed to guide us to the next stage of our brand journey. Ernie delivered all that, and more. Our initial 3 day workshop energised the team around our shared purpose in a way we’d not managed before + provided clarity on our way forward. Ernie has remained part of our brand journey ever since, testament to his engagement and skill-set."

Millican Website


Tom Horne and Will Greene

Founders of L’estrange London

"There is nothing like working with Ernie. He’ll fire up those cylinders, and bring out that core WHY, that you thought you knew, but now can see with infinite more clarity."

L'estrange Website


Ginny Whitelaw, Ph.D

founder and CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership

"Ernie is a rare bird, combining entrepreneurial know-how, marketing mastery, and a huge heart for making the world a better place. Pure energy in human form, he pushed our team to clarify our brand until it passed his test of being "on fire." If you're looking for your startup to be great and your messaging to be great, you want Ernie on your team."

Zen Leadership Website


Richard Sutcliffe

Founder of Passenger clothing

"Ernie has helped us out for years and has delivered results. He has helped advise on product, brand, strategy and marketing and finance. Not only does Ernie have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, he has the power to motivate and get the most out of every situation and every person. We will continue to work with Ernie for years, to help us overcome the challenges that lie ahead."

Passenger Clothing Website


Bert Beagley Brown

founder of TOG knives

"I am not exaggerating when I say that meeting Ernie changed my business and changed my life. He has become a great friend over the last four years. This man is exceptionally energetic, passionate, balanced, fair, experienced and inspiring. All his input has grown my business immeasurably and I've learned so much from him too."

Tog Knives Website


Ashley Watson

founder of Ashley Watson

"Coming up with ideas isn’t the hard part. For me the challenge is making the space to sift through them all, put the good ones in order and make a plan. That’s the best thing about working with Ernie; using his experience as a framework, he makes the space. His boundless energy is infectious... after we talk, everything feels possible."

Ashley Watson Website


Dr. Christian Kurtzke

CEO Together Group and former CEO of Porsche Design Group

"I had the pleasure of working with Ernest on a marketing strategy. For many, that is just looking at budgets and ad spend. But with him, we climbed all the way up, to see the big picture and equally drilled down really deep - in search of excellence. And that’s what makes the difference!

I really enjoyed our challenging and insightful collaboration."

Christian Kurtzke Website